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About Alterra Wellness

Barbara is a NJ and NY licensed massage therapist and body worker. With 25 years experience, Barbara is dedicated to optimizing mobility and stress-free living. Her approach consists of a mixture of medical and spa-oriented modalities ranging from biomechanics, exercise, essential oils, cranio-sacral, lymphatic drainage, and therapeutic taping, among other modalities.


Barbara has helped clients of all ages who had previously suffered from acute or chronic pain due to injury, overuse, or disease achieve a pain-free life-style.


In recent years, Barbara found how acupuncture was an effective modality in her own personal healing journey.  Seeing the dynamic results from acupuncture treatments she sought a Masters Degree in acupuncture.  Barbara also maintains a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.  Barbara has always kept first in her mind the essential connections between the mind and body.


Passionate about the body and mind connection and a natural teacher, Barbara enjoys educating each client as well as learning from them.