Spa Massage

Alterra Signature Blend

Nothing quite like sampling! This massage fuses the basic, reflexology, deep tissue, scalp massage, hot stone therapy, and Young Living oils.

60 minutes: $135 | 90 minutes: $155 | 2 hours: $195

Deep Tissue

Deep and focused, these strokes make use of thumbs, fingertips, heel of hands, forearm, and elbow which release tension and adhesions below the superficial layer of muscle.

60 minutes: $115 | 90 minutes: $160 | 2 hours: $200

Hot Stone Therapy

Natural basalt stones heated to perfection to melt away tension and stress. Reach a level of relaxation in minutes.

60 minutes: $105 | 90 minutes: $145


Reflexology is based on the principle which states there are areas or reflex points on the feet and hands which correspond to each organ, gland and body system. By applying deep, concentrated pressure on these reflex points, overall tension and balance are achieved. Extremely relaxing. Feel free to fall asleep.

(Feet only) 30 minutes: $65 | (Feet only) 50 minutes: $95

Scalp Massage

Funny, we hardly ever think of our scalps when we think of massage. It is very important that the scalp be massaged as much as possible to promote circulation to hair follicles and rid us of undue stress that may manifest into headaches and fatigue. One warning though, bring a hat, this is going to be one bad hair day!

30 minutes: $70 | Add my back please: $80

The Basic

This basic massage, a.k.a. Swedish, is a very relaxing massage whereby the basic continuous sequence of strokes flow rhythmically from one to the other…ahhh.

30 minutes: $65 | 60 minutes: $100
90 minutes: $135 | 2 hours: $165