"Barbara is excellent. Very knowledgeable and adept at her craft. I would wholeheartedly recommend her."

Barbara L

Nancy D.

"Barbara is helping me with sports injuries. In addition to her amazing deep tissue massage, she has provided me with insight as to the nature of my issues."


"I had a liposuction done and I was looking for a place where I could get a lymphatic drainage massage and found this place. Barbara is super nice, professional and makes me feel very comfortable. The place is clean and inviting and I enjoy every time I come. I highly recommend it!"


"Barbara has an in depth understand of the body, pain issues, and necessary treatments to help with various physical symptoms. She in intuitive and caring. I think she is a rare gem in the world of message therapists. I would highly recommend her practice."


"Barbara is still the best out there and improving the relaxing experience constantly. The warmed massage table is delightful. Her methods and oil used are incredibly soothing and relaxing. Every muscle and sources of tension ease away. She truly cares about each client and will address any stiffness or aches you may have. I recommended many to her as well as buy gift certificates for friends and family in need of a little time out!"

Sheryl S.

"I have been to Alterra Wellness many times for massage but yesterday I tried medical massage for the first time. I left feeling much better and have been pain free for the first time in a long time. Barbara is a professional who knows her stuff and was very helpful. Highly recommend!"

Terri G.

"This is not my first review and I’m sure, not my last. From the second you walk into Alterra Wellness you feel a warmth that grows as your massage begins. Whether using the restroom or observing the massage room, you have no doubt that Barbara wants your entire experience to be memorable. I highly recommend Barbara and Alterra to anyone who enjoys pampering themselves while getting the many benefits that a professional massage offers."

Golan Y.

"I have been treated by Barbara for the past 6 months with a shoulder injury. I must say Barbara is a true healer. She really care for my well being. On my first visit Barbara drafted a specific plan for my recovery and made sure I follow it. With in few visits I started to feel better and with the exercise recommendations at home she put together for me my shoulder is almost back to where it was before the injury."

Barbara L.

"Barbara is excellent. Very knowledgeable and adept at her craft. I would wholeheartedly recommend her."

Linda S.

"As always…awesome! thank you for fixing my neck and back…once again! Barbara has the amazing ability to identify the areas that are in need of gentle, effective attention. Barbara is very talented and caring."

Laura B.

"Lymphatic Drainage: I’ve been going to Barbara for a few years quite regularly and she is amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field. Probably the best massage therapist I have ever been to."

Jen C.

"I had issues after my second pregnancy which took me away from the gym, spending more time at home. Barbara made house calls three times a week and not only got me back on my feet but helped me to lose the baby weight from my first and second pregnancies. She was knowledgeable, patient and so kind. Thanks Barbara!"

Anu Hirawat

"Barbara, continues to be at her best. She not only treats one’s body physically, she always has a tonic for the brain too!"

Patty N.

"Referred by a friend, I am only sorry I didn’t come sooner. Barbara is amazing and her experience & knowledge exceptional. Most importantly she is genuine, friendly and kind. She truly cares for your well being. I will surely be back! Thank you Barbara!!"

Lori Williams

"Barbara is not only smart, attentive, and caring, she also knows anatomy. I have spinal stenosis, and neither physical therapy nor an epidural had relieved my pain. Barbara knew exactly where to massage in addition to my back and legs. She also showed me an exercise to do that has helped enormously. I am now pain-free thanks to her magical touch and guidance. Thank you Barbara."

Jessica D.

"I had an amazing experience with Barbara. She made me feel at ease and was a pleasure to converse with throughout my massage. I left feeling relaxed and invigorated. I look forward to going back for more massages in the future. Her hands + her extensive knowledge = absolute magical combination."

Liz D.

"I recently had an Alterra 2 hr signature massage with Barbara. It was seriously the best massage I have ever had. All the different blends of massage and the aromatherapy oils, made for a special treat. Highly recommend."


"Barbara has been a gift to my family for more than 5 years. She is the best diagnostician!!! Her wealth of knowledge about the functioning of your body along with her multi approach of varied healing techniques of massage therapy will make her a invaluable asset to the health and well being for you and your family and friends."


"Barbara was fantastic! Extremely friendly and inviting. Wonderful masseuse! Absolutely the best massage I have ever had! Felt great afterwards, all knots and tension removed."

Maddie Lerma

"She did a great job. Really took out some knots and helped me figure out how to get my body and back healthy again. Good experience would definitely come back."

Susan H.

"I have been a chronic pain sufferer for a long time and Barbara is the most knowledgable massage therapist I have ever met. She has been my go to person for help for many years and will be for many years to come!"

Morgan Gertler

"Not only was my massage with Barbara really great, but she is a wealth of knowledge! I had a lot of questions regarding tightness and pain I was having. She was able to help me figure out where it was coming from and why. She also noticed some interesting things about my back (from bad habits I have) and explained what would happen over time if I didn’t change my patterns. Definitely going back!"

Helenmari Passera

"The location was very peaceful. The massage was the best . I can’t wait to go back! I would recommend to anyone."

Nancy D.

"Barbara makes the world a better place. She brings wonderful technique, energy and care to her practice."

Ellen G.

"Barb consistently gives the best massage ever. Her knowledge is extensive, and her skill extraordinary. She is deeply committed to providing her clients with excellence."

Karen B.

"Goals for the session are discussed and, in my extended relationship with Barbara, they are always exceeded. This is truly a sanctuary. The privacy, sounds, scents and immaculate setting set the tone for exceptionally personalized care from a highly skilled, well educated, compassionate practitioner. 5 star in every aspect of the care!"

Meghan B.

"My husband and I had a relaxing and rejuvenating experience! I’m sure we will be back again. Thank you!"

Mac B.

"I’ve been to maybe 20 therapists, but Barbara is, by far, the best I’ve found. She really can find the tight muscles quickly and dissolves them almost as quickly. When I leave her office, I’m far more nimble than when I arrived. She is the consummate professional at what she does."


"Barbara is great – has a fantastic grasp of the clients needs and makes great suggestions. Has been a tremendous resource for me as well. Wouldn’t think of seeing anyone else!!"


"Barb is an extraordinary massage therapist. She truly cares about the well being of her clients, and has extensive knowledge about all facets of the body. She has identified the cause of bodily discomfort in me, when excellent doctors have been unable to, and when hearing her thoughts, those doctors have agreed. She goes above and beyond what you might expect from a massage."

Ruth J.

"Many years ago I found a perfect massage in Emerson. Then the club closed. I have had many massages since then, some in Europe, California, Pennsylvania, etc. but none as wonderful as mine in Emerson, Then I found Alterra Wellness about two years ago, Barbara’s massages are even better then my “perfect one in Emerson. : Barbara knows the body. She has a gentle but knowing touch. Her place is extremely clean and peaceful. I am very grateful that I finally found my “perfect” massage again."

Maria P.

"I am so grateful to have found Barbara. Her skill , knowledge of the whole body, and caring are really special. From beginning to end the massage experience is like no other. She is particularly helpful to those of us who have pain issues and offers excellent information. The massage room is the most comfortable and beautiful I have ever been in. Simply put she is the best!"


"As always superb !!! she knows exactly what needs attention and goes to the right points.I keep coming back to her she is the best."

Roopam Jain

"Barbara is a true healer; an expert therapist, and one of the finest human beings I’ve ever met. Her training in various disciplines make her the best massage therapist I have ever been to…A rare find!"

Alice V.

"The best thing I ever did was fin Barbara. After my previous therapist retired, I was nervous about trying someone new. Barbara listens, thinks of ways I can help myself and does much more than “just massage."

Marcy S.

"I’ve never had a massage better than this. I felt totally comfortable and the pain I was experiencing prior to the massage is much better. I can’t wait for my next appointment with Barbara!"


"Barbara establishes a trusting relationship with her clients. She is honest and kind. This is important to me in any therapeutic relationship, as I am trusting her to alleviate my discomfort and help heal my body."


"Crystal is a welcomed addition to Alterra Wellness. She is patient and intuitive. She has a knack of finding trouble spots on her own without needing direction. She has a wonderful spirit and gives an excellent massage. I highly recommend her without any reservations. I also give her a 10 out of 10!"


"It doesn’t get any better than having Barbara work out every kink, nerve, pain, stress, hurt, soreness and ache from head to toe – literally. She is extraordinary in how she applies her knowledge through her hands and into every muscle. Soothing, relaxing, healing."


"With each visit, I am more amazed by Barbara’s knowledge, caring and professionalism. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Carla Brajkovic

"The only problem with Barbara’s massage is that once you go to her, you will never want to go to anyone else!! She is by far the very best."

Sarla Jain

"I am going to Barbara for years. She is a great person. She know what she is doing. She is the Best!!!!! I recommend her highly."


"Barbara is terrific. I had headaches and did not feel well at all. The difference in how I felt after a couple of Appts. Is amazing! She is the BEST!!!!!"

Charlotte W

"Have been going to Barbara for years and each visit is perfect. I always learn a health trick or two at the same time as my sore muscles are being soothed. Highly recommend!"


"Barbara is really a great professional. I definitely recommend her. Best massage I’ve ever had and she knows how to help you. You will feel so relaxed and will see the results."


"Barbara is terrific and I greatly enjoyed the massage and felt much relieved after. The essence and warm oils are delightful! I definitely recommend Alterra."


"I have been coming to Barbara for several years now for the 90 minute signature massage. I always leave rested, refreshed and feeling so much better than when I arrived. Barbara is the consummate professional – always taking classes to learn about the latest techniques, and she is a wonderful, caring and compassionate person. She’s the best"

Nancy D.

"Barbara is a gem. I am so glad to have been introduced to her. She has helped me with various sports injuries. In addition she is a lovely person. From the moment I step into her building, I can feel a sense of calmness and am transported for about an hour."


" I came for a massage because I suffer from depression and anxiety and wanted to do something to make my self feel better. During the massage I was actually feeling more relaxed. This feeling lasted for several days. My mood was also improved as I felt lighter overall. Barbara is gifted massage therapist. I have had many, many massages and this was by far the best."


"I have finally found a place for the perfect massage. Barbara works magic. She is extremely talented and is very receptive to my needs. She listens very carefully and is incredibly intuitive. She is amazing."

Sheldon Stone

" I normally do not participate in public reviews of products or services but I have to make an exception in the case of Alterra Wellness. I had my first session with Barbara yesterday. Every aspect of the experience was excellent and exceeded my expectations. I found Barbara to be very warm ,friendly, knowledgeable and caring and extremely talented in her work. The environment is warm and relaxing. However, most importantly, I feel dramatically better after my treatment. I recommend Barbara highly."


"Barbara provides medical-grade massage therapy informed by years of experience, a background in physical therapy education, and ongoing continuing education. But beyond therapeutic, Barbara’s massages are also stress relieving!"


"I have chronic neck pain and Barbara did a great job on that area as well as my whole body. Definitely one of the best massages I ever had–and I get frequent massages."


"Barbara is wonderfully good. Not only she is a fabulous massage therapist, but she is extremely knowledgeable and she has given me many excellent insights on how I can take better care of my body. She is also a caring, kind-hearted person. Last but not least, her premises are spotless and very comfortable. Given how wonderful it is to go for a massage, I am not exaggerating when I say that my appointments at Alterra are one of the most enjoyable moments in my life!. Thank you Barbara!"


"I have been recovering from surgery and was feeling so uncomfortable. My neck was effected and was my sleep. I went to Barbara and her card was amazing. Not only is Barbara a massage therapist, but she is extremely educated on medical message and various other techniques to help the healing process. Barbara is the only person that I would ever trust with my body. I felt so much better after my session. The swelling has healed and I feel almost 100% back to myself. Thank you Barb!"

Catherine M.

"A wonderful respite from the daily, high-velocity pace of life. From the moment I entered Alterra, Barbara, the facility, the serenity massage…all grounded me “in the moment” of total relaxation and well being for that all too fleeting sybaritic hour. Thanks to a dear friend whose gift certificate brought me to Alterra, I look forward to enjoying more of Barbara’s massage techniques on my own."


"Starting a new work out routine, I just figured I would be sore and in some pain. But I never knew the damage I was doing to my body until I was seen by Barbara. The treatment I received was fantastic. All those sore muscles just seemed to melt away. It is safe to say that I am hooked! Barbara, was open to all my questions and even showed me some great stretches to aid me in my weight loss journey. Not only do I say thank you but my body says THANK YOU!!"


"I have had back problems for over 3 years from a car accident I have been out of shape due to the lack of exercise. I was afraid of making it worse. I found Barbara online and she has been helping me strengthen my body without pain. I feel great after we work out!! I would recommend her to anyone who has had an injury or who has not had an injury. She is very good at what she does and is very personable and fun to work out with and professional."


"There is really no way to put into words the resulting relief you experience after only one session at Alterra. You can go there for multiple reasons whether it’s to remove pain, to treat yourself to a spectacular soothing massage, or even a consultation to improve your health; Alterra will be your oasis. The sheer nirvana that I have experienced even after a few days, is still in effect!!! Thanks."

Diane Seiden

"Barbara’s been treating me for many years. She understands the body and will go above and beyond what the normal massage therapist will do to ensure that the problem area had been addressed properly. She is also great in the pampering department too!"

Gavin I.

"I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true! This young lady knows her stuff. Although I am not green and crinkly, I always feel like a million dollars when I walk out of the studio!!!"


"Barbara is a knowledgeable and gifted massage therapist who is a true healer. The environment of healing extends to the beautiful and soothing studio. The towels and hot stones were a welcome surprise to an already amazing experience. Barbara is a gift!"

Sharon S.

"I met Barbara when I injured my lower back last year. She, along with my chiropractor and acupuncturist were vital to my healing. She was able to combine/incorporate different massage techniques to address each specific ache and pain! Not only were her hands miracle workers, she was always supportive and exuded positive energy that was so helpful. My back has somewhat recovered from the initial injury, and I still continue to see Barbara for ‘maintenance’ massages. I would refer her to anyone!"


"Chose Barbara from the web and was very happy with the experience. She definitly knew what she was doing- better than any spa massage I’ve had. I told her what was ailing me and she focused on the problem. Very professional and nice, clean office!"

Barbara G.

"I received a gift certificate from a friend who swears by Barbara’s expertise. I am so glad she encouraged me to go. I had a wonderful, relaxing massage. I definitly will be going back again soon!"

Randi S.

"I had the most wonderful massage Sunday with a truly gifted woman who quite obviously loves the work she does. Barbara was very tuned into my needs for the perfect massage and has a very keen sensibility about just what the body needs to heal! I am looking forward to the next massage."

Stuart Crepea

"Found Barbara to be a true professional. She did various techniques that addresses my neck problems that I did not experience from other massage establishments. Highly Recommended."


"Alterra Wellness provides me with much needed “detoxification” and release from stress. Barbara is an extremely adept and adroit therapist and I always leave the studio feeling infinitely better than when I arrive."

Ellen L.

"Barbara exudes tenderness in everything she does. After my double mastectomy, I felt uncomfortable about massage but Barbara put me at ease with her acceptance and skill. I highly recommend her to anyone–especially breast cancer survivors! 5 Stars!"


"I have been a client for several years, and am always impressed at Barbara’s expanding knowledge and command of massage. She consistently assesses and explains, and I find this both comforting and impressive. Since embarking on an exercise routine, Barbara has helped soothe my aching muscles, as well as given me some “insider” tricks to maintaining strength. And can we talk about the ‘AAAAAAHHHH” factor?! Ok, so this time I didn’t snore or fall asleep on the table, but I may yet again!"

Jenn Giblin

"Barb is awesome! I have been going to her for years, she has helped me relax through pregnancy, a toddler, and the subsequent herniated disc from carrying him around. I can’t recommend her more highly!"

Marty & Ruth B.

"Although it’s a long distance for us to travel we make time to get a medical massage from Barbara. It’s worth it. She creates a welcoming environment and caters to each ache and pain that we have. At Alterra, there’s no “one size fits all."

Terri G.

"After being treated for breast cancer back in 2002, I was looking for a personal masseuse who could help me with some back issues while being sensitive to my post operative needs. I saw a posting for Barbara Sanchez on a my community bulletin board. Eight years later, Barbara has been an integral part of my overall wellness. Prone to sciatica and lower back pain, Barbara has completely eliminated both conditions. As a result of breast cancer surgery, I developed lymphedema and with Barbara’s help, the condition has remained manageable. I look forward to my Monday sessions with Barbara. She is punctual, knowledgeable and truly concerned for my well being. I have recommended Barbara to several friends and appreciate all she has done for me over the years."

Wendy T.

"When I went to see Barbara I was suffering with neck and shoulder pain. She is highly skilled, and was able to pinpoint the problem and used a number of different techniques to treat me. I walked out of the office feeling euphoric relief from something that had haunted me for weeks."

J. Zwirn

"Barbara does a fantastic job, she is extremely skilled and experienced in all aspects of therapeutic massage from focusing on injured areas to your overall body. Notably, at the end of the session you will wish that you booked for more time."

Roberta A.

"I have known Barbara for more than two years, after changing a few massage therapists. She is by far the best. She is competent, very professional, yet so kind and caring. I could not recommend her enough. I wish her the best of luck."

Bob D.

"Excellent massage. Muscles were tight prior to the massage and I was totally relaxed afterward. As a bonus Barbara is very nice and easy to talk to. I certainly recommend her highly."


"Barbara seems committed to helping people to feel as well as they can. She is an excellent massage therapist and an extremely kind person. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She seems to have an intricate knowledge of how to take care of the body."

Cheryl S.

"My doctor suggested Barbara at Alterra after I was hurt in a serious accident. Another patient at the office had tried massage at many locations around the globe and said that Barbara was the best. She is! Barbara is outstanding. Her knowledge and expertise are very impressive. She has played a major role in my rehabilitation."

Debbie S.

"Barbara was highly recommended to me and I am delighted to highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for body work. She spent a lot of time with me, was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. The experience was so positive and I can’t wait to go back for my next treatment."


"Probably the best massage I’ve ever had. Barbara is extremely talented and knowledgeable. She has a true gift for healing. Thanks Barbara, I’ll be back for sure!"

Christina I.

"I had a wonderful session with Crystal recently. Deep tissue with essential oils on my back and neck. I work on the computer eight to ten hours a day and Crystal’s knowledge and techniques eased my chronic tension. I had no idea I had so much stress in my scalp and face but between the warm towels and the smell of grapefruit in the air, I was asleep in no time. Thank you so much Crystal. I’ll see you again!"

Eva L.

"Barbara Sanchez is the best massage therapist I have ever been to. She is very knowledgeable about the physiology aspect of massage therapy as well as the numerous disciplines and techniques to treat her clients. Her approach is thoughtful, patient, thorough and, precise. She truly cares about her clients’ well being. Her new facility Alterra Wellness is beautiful and well thought out. Truly an oasis of calm. I would highly recommend Barbara to anyone I care about!"


"Mom required vascular surgery in order to save her leg. The surgeon, however, would not perform the surgery because of the extreme swelling and edema in the leg. We could both see the difference after Barbara treated Mom the first time. Her leg was visibly smaller. After three treatments, the surgeon was willing to perform the surgery. Mom kept her leg, and lived alone for another two years. This surgery was not considered possible until Barbara worked her magic. She not only saved Mom’s leg, but truly saved her life. You see Mom had already declared that she would not live without that limb. I enjoyed her for two more years as a result of Barbara’s skill and knowledge. I cannot thank her enough."

Lenny White

"I have a spinal impingement and Barbara came with a very high recommendation. She helped me through a very difficult period and is very instrumental in restoring my health."

Ronnie B. Davis

"In the fall of 2004 I injured my back. I had a ruptured disk and a herniated disk. My treatment was three spinal epidurals and months of physical therapy. I was taking a variety of pain killers and non-steroidal anti inflammatory prescription drugs. A friend suggested I make an appointment with Barbara and it changed my life. Through her massage techniques I find the numbness in my lower left leg and foot is gone and I have regained most of the movement I had before the accident. I am careful in my daily activities to try and avoid re-injury and therapeutic massage continues to keep my symptoms in check."

Maria G. Turchi

"I had a nagging pain in my shoulder for months which limited my range of motion. After my session with Barbara the pain was totally gone and my arm had regained full range of motion. The Muscle Activation Techniques were so quick – she worked on my shoulder blade for about 3 minutes – and really felt good! After two weeks my pain has not returned. I highly recommend Barbara and the targeted and effective work she offers."

Nina P. & Susane P.

"I highly recommend Barbara as an M.A.T. Specialist. What she provided me with during and after the evaluation may go a long way in helping with a current pain issue and preventing future muscular problems. She is an amazing bodywork specialist, and expert in identifying weak links that need correction. She is also very professional, caring, and very personable! I have already begun recommending her to a few folks suffering from sciatic pain and other ailments."

Malcolm A. (Mac) Borg

"Your expertise as a massage therapist, together with your knowledge of Muscle Activation Techniques, helped me enormously when I was suffering from terrible contractions and considerable pain in my thighs, legs, and calves following robotic surgery nine months ago. I was barely able to walk or stand, and physical therapy twice a week for four months helped only minimally.
I can’t begin to count the number of massages I’ve had or the countries in which they were rendered, but, and without a doubt, you rank at the top. You very quickly sense where the problem muscles are and, with your knowledge and experience, you are able to get me relief without “digging deep” and hurting. That’s a special touch, and you have it.
Recent epidural injections in my spine have abated the pain and allowed the muscles to go back to a more normal state without the contractions and pain. However, I still seek your services for massages on a regular basis to keep my legs and thighs supple. I’m walking, standing, and bending again, and I owe you thanks for your part in my rehabilitation.
Sincerely and most thankfully,"