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Auricular Needling
Needling plus ear seeds:
• Gold
• Stainless steel
• Swarovski crystals

Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Initial visit and treatment
Follow-up visit
Packages for Follow-up visits:

• Package of 10
• Package of 6
• Package of 3

Japanese Acupuncture: Kiiko Matsumoto Technique

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Initial visit + treatment (1 hour, 30 minutes)
Follow-up visits (1 hour, 15 minutes)
Packages for follow up Kiiko visits:
• Pack of 10
• Pack of 6
• Pack of 3



A 2000-year-old Chinese traditional medicine system whereby a vacuum is created by manual suction cups to relieve stagnations in Qi and blood that impede proper circulation. Indications for cupping therapy are pain, arthritis, facial paralysis, and muscle and myofascial restrictions (to name a few).


20 minutes

Gua Sha


Gua, translated as “scraping” whereby a smooth-edged tool is used to lightly scrap lubricated skin to dissipate stagnated Qi and blood, improve lymphatic flow and decrease inflammation to restore balance in the body. Sha has been defined as metabolic waste or toxins the body failed to remove that resulted in an obstructed flow of Qi in the body. There are several medical applications such as muscle and tendon injuries and restrictions, long Covid symptoms, respiratory issues, and inflammation (to name a few). Gua Sha is also used in several facial techniques to encourage collagen production, drain the lymphatic system to reduce puffiness, tone the facial muscles and increase blood and nutrient flow for a radiant skin glow.


20 minutes

Virtual Consultation: 30 minutes


Traditional Chinese acupuncture or Kiiko style.

Virtual Nutrition/Lifestyle


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